Project Description

One Night Standard was born to maximize each property’s potential by boosting their inventory in a way that best fits the Standard Hotels crowd: they like to be the last to leave the party. Serving users on iOS and Android, this app is the first of its kind to offer direct (no third party) last minute bookings.

We built a custom mobile booking engine integrated with Synxis, designed a fully on-brand experience, and even built a content management system for day-to-day changes. Weary party folks also are presented with mobile wallet or the ability to scan their card, making the booking process a smooth one from beginning to end.

The results were an overwhelming success. Having launched in April 2015, the One Night Standard generated enough revenue to pay for itself in just the first 3 months of use. As of June 2016, the app had been downloaded approximately 70K times and averages 4K downloads per month.