eHotelier – a mobile app to beat the competition

TripCraft gives EAST, Miami a mobile app to beat the competition TripCraft, developers of the hospitality industry’s first mobile commerce platform, has delivered a game-changing guest app for EAST, Miami, the first Swire Hotels property in the US, located in Brickell City Centre in Miami, Florida. The app, called EAST,

In the news: Lodging Magazine –

Lodging Magazine - July 17, 2017 Renowned print and online publication Lodging Magazine features on "App Watch", highlighting the introduction of experience-based content tied to hotels and the benefit to said properties being featured. Read the full issue online.

8 Reasons Why Your Hotel Brand Needs a Mobile App to Succeed

By Mike Murray CEO, TripCraft Mobile Alexa Robertson is traveling for business. At the airport, she pulls out her smartphone and opens her favorite hotel’s mobile app. With a few finger taps, she requests an airport transfer and early check-in, receiving a confirmation notification within seconds. Upon entering the

Reimagining the Online Booking Channel

By Mike Murray, Founder of, the new inspiration/hotel booking app & website For many years, hotels and OTAs have had an ongoing feud, acting more like rivals than the (business) partners that they should be. While many hotels appreciate the bookings that OTAs provide, all hoteliers hate the

The Story of TripCraft: Custom Mobile Solutions

So, Who is TripCraft? In short: We strive to make hospitality companies digital brands look amazing. We love to help our clients reach their customers far more effectively. In long: We build industry-leading apps and websites for hotels using our progressive Toolkit-driven platform. We streamline, optimize, and design beautiful

The Importance of Selling Experiences, Not Just Beds

By Mike Murray, Founder of, the new inspiration/hotel booking app/website Today, Millennials are a widely overlooked audience for hotels; whether it’s because there is a general perception that they are entitled and hard-to-please, or because they are assumed to have no money to spend on traveling but ignoring

Lodging – Viral App In The Press

Lodging Magazine features Viral - May 17, 2017 Through the app’s social influencer engine, hotels can calculate a customer’s social media score and offer personalized perks and promotions to encourage them to book. From a customer standpoint, enables potential gusts to use their social engagement score as a

Viral Helps Hotels Take Back Market Share From AirBnb

Originally posted on eHotelier on May 19, 2017 TripCraft, the hotel industry’s leading provider of mobile solutions, launched a new inspiration/hotel booking app and website,, targeting Millennials – one of the fastest growing travel demographics, who are “expected to be taking 320 million international trips each year by

Quit Wasting Your Time on Social Media

Your Hotel is Probably Wasting Time on Social Media Most hotels have at least one--sometimes more--staff members devoted to social media. But ask what the ROI is on the social media effort and, generally, you’ll get blank stares. Everyone knows social media generates something, but rarely do they know

4Hoteliers – Viral In The Press

4Hotelier Magazine features Viral - May 19, 2017 Using curated, experience-based, destination-specific content, enables users to create unique travel experiences, not just book a hotel room in which to sleep. Currently, can be used to plan travel experiences in eight popular destinations in the United States -

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