The team of hospitality ninjas here at TripCraft developed the Toolkit Platform for a couple of reasons. First, we know that one size does not fit all when it comes to hotel brands. If any tech company tries to tell you that, run. Secondly, we listen to our customers. Seriously.

So, what is our “Toolkit,” you ask?

The TripCraft Toolkit is a modular platform–a platform that houses various functionalities that can be turned on as needed for individual clients. Just as a carpenter’s toolkit contains hammers, wrenches, and nails, the TripCraft Toolkit contains multiple systems that any hotel may need. In essence, a hotel brand can have an incredibly innovative and meaningful store of systems at their disposal when they utilize this platform. Need to increase your social media presence? We can help you with that. Does your brand need to streamline the booking process for guests? Our 2-click system is the answer. Is your hotel struggling to facilitate on-site communication with guests? We can fix that.

This Toolkit contains some of the most innovate technology in the industry. Due to the customizability of the entire platform, we refer to each tool as an Engine. Thus, our Toolkit is comprised of our Booking Engine, Social Engine, Offers Engine, and Service Engine.


Booking Engine

The TripCraft Booking Engine is a powerful 2-click platform that works to streamline a hotel’s check-in and check-out process. Many hotels have outdated systems that do not provide ease of use for potential customers. In a world that rewards efficiency, a hotelier must have a streamlined booking system. We find that once hotels convert to this simpler booking system, it helps to convert customers.

Basic Features:

  • Tailored look and feel for your brand
  • Complete book, modify and cancel capabilities
  • Mobile or Desktop, App or Website
  • Integration with PMS/CRS
  • Integration with CRM and loyalty programs
  • Simple 2-click booking process option
  • Rich media capabilities
  • Mobile payment options
  • Payment gateway integration
  • PCI Compliant

Advanced Features:

  • Custom room and rate display
  • Same day last-minute booking capabilities
  • Custom rate and inventory management
  • Combine with our Offers Engine for specials and packages
  • Combine with our Offers Engine for up-sells and cross-sells of ancillary products & services


Social Engine

Can you monitor your brand’s mentions and presence across social media channels? Or can you identify key social influencers that can feed your brand voice? Well, we can! Our Social Engine is a powerful, technologically advanced system that helps you monitor and increase your social media presence.

Basic Features:

  • Streamline management of all social media accounts with one tool
  • Identify top-trending users across social networks
  • Amplify your brand voice and curate authentic social media content
  • Social Scores easily identify high-value social influencers
  • Interact with users directly via their social accounts  
  • Create custom user groups to easily segment and manage users and social engagement

Advanced Features:

  • Real time notifications of important social media postings and activity
  • Interact with social users directly via sales channels and social accounts
  • Inspire customers to write reviews and post content about their brand experience on social platforms
  • User-generated content management


Offers Engine

Target potential and existing customers with audience-segmented marketing offers. This intelligent Engine helps you reach the consumers you need to maximize on-site and post-stay interactions.

Basic Features:

  • Room up-sells
  • Cross-sell of ancillary services like spa, restaurant and merchandise
  • Track campaigns and ROI
  • Rich content management
  • Push notifications

Advanced Features:

  • Geo-fencing and beacons for location based offers and guest recognition
  • 2-way text chat via SMS or in-app messaging


Services Engine

Guest services are the key to great hospitality experiences. TripCraft’s Services Engine give hotels the power to communicate with their guests more than ever before.

Basic Features:

  • Service delivery via chat/text messaging, or menu-driven request and response
  • Push notifications for communications
  • Mobile check-in and checkout
  • Mobile key for room access
  • Concierge / front desk communications
  • Uber and other transportation services
  • Local weather and travel guides

Advanced Features:

  • In-room dining
  • Restaurants, spa, golf, and other time-dependent services
  • Housekeeping, maintenance, valet, and other on-demand services
  • POS integration
  • Chat / text routing and communication to appropriate hotel staff
  • Problem escalation and tracking
  • On-property guest and staff location tracking (using Beacons)
  • Staff communications via mobile devices


Integration Engine

TripCraft connects mobile users (guests and staff) with the core data in your operational systems. Our solutions improve user satisfaction and ensure transactional integrity.  Our Integration Engine provides the means to process data to and from your brand/property systems so that mobile users can be as self-sufficient as you want them to be.

Some of our integration capabilities:

  • Sabre Hospitality
  • Opera
  • SMS Host
  • Sabre GDS
  • Tourico Holidays
  • Assa Abloy (mobile key)
  • Uber
  • OpenTable
  • Ice Portal
  • SpaSoft
  • Braintree Payments
  • Wex Payments
  • Wcities (destination content)
  • Porter & Sail (destination content)
  • ID Tech (mobile card readers)
  • CrowdTorch (TicketMob)
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Other integration expertise:

  • Any PMS using HTNG messaging


Talk to You Soon

As you can see, we do a lot of cool things to help maximize the power, efficiency, and user experience for hotel brands. We have a lot of information on our website to help you understand what we do, but we also have a lot of additional information that we’d be happy to discuss with you.

Our company is comprised of real people that want to help you meet your business goals. Please contact us when you’re ready to talk about taking your hotel to the next level.